Hi everybody

Graeme Philipson here. You know me as the author of a book on the Australian computer industry called ‘A Vision Splendid’. Many of you helped with that book or offered advice or information after it came out about things that were missing or could have been covered more thoroughly.

I’ve now been commissioned by the Pearcey Foundation to write a new book, tentatively titled ‘Pearcey to the Cloud’, which will, we hope, address the errors of omission and other shortcomings of the first volume. We intend it to stand as a record of the achievements of prominent and important people in the history of Australian IT. It will include concise biographies of all Pearcey medallists and Hall of Famers – the emphasis will be very much on individuals and their achievements.

But please feel free to let me know your thoughts. And areas where you think you might be able to shine a light. It’s a big project, and we will need help from lots of people.

Appreciate you taking a few moments when you can to complete this brief questionnaire to provide some feedback.

Thanks for your interest in the project.

Graeme Philipson