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October 2021

QLD State Awards
Tuesday 5 October 2021
Victoria Park Golf Club
The 2021 QLD Pearcey Entrepreneur of the Year Award is aimed at encouraging and rewarding fresh and innovative talent in the ICT and digital media professions. It is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated innovative and pioneering achievement and contribution in their chosen industry as well as taken a risk, made a difference and is an inspiration. Invariably, the selected individual has also made a substantial industry contribution “beyond their day job”.

The QLD State Awards are generously sponsored by ICEMEDIA and TechnologyOne

More about the Pearcey Foundation State Awards and past winners here:

Pearcey Conversations – Online event (held on Ada Lovelace Day)

Tuesday 12 October 2021; 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Online Event
Her Story: Partnerships between Humans and Machines

Help to celebrate the remarkable achievements that women have made in STEM at this special edition Pearcey Conversation, with a focus around human centred design and partnerships that may have lasting impact.

Speakers Include: Pia Andrews – Special Advisor, Digital & Client Data Workstream Lead, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC); Paula Burton – Co-founder and CEO, Mass Dynamics; Professor Judy Kay – Professor of Computer Science, The University of Sydney; Moderated by Susan Andrews – Pearcey Foundation SA Chair; Adviser, Mentor and Consultant in the ICT and Digital Technology Sector

NSW State Awards
Thursday 14 October 2021
Sydney Startup Hub
Join us for the reveal of the 2021 NSW Pearcey Entrepreneur of the Year Award, to be presented by David Thodey, CSIRO Chair.

The NSW Pearcey Entrepreneur Award recognises a NSW person in “mid career”, who is already a successful Tech Entrepreneur, and who has the potential to succeed further. The criteria are centred around taking a risk, making a difference and being an inspiration.

More about the Pearcey Foundation State Awards and past winners here:

November 2021

2021 Pearcey National Awards Dinner

Friday 12 November 2021; from 6:00pm
Pearcey Conversations – Online Seminar
Wednesday 24 November 2021; 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Online Event via Zoom
Predictions for 2022 and beyond!
Speakers TBC

February 2022

The Riding the Digital Wave Summit: Celebrating the birth of Computer Science in Australia – In-person and Online

Thursday 24 February 2022; 9:00am – 5:00pm
The University of Sydney and Online
Join us to celebrate the dawn of Australia’s digital age! The Riding the Digital Wave Summit will take us back to the birth of computer science as a discipline and profession in its own right, looking at some of the early developments and where they have led us today. How has digital technology optimised our energy future? Forecast the weather? Delivered Government services? The full-day Summit program will explore past, present and future themes around human computer interaction; the impact of automation on jobs and industry and how Australia can ride the digital wave to ensure our future resilience.

Speakers include: Prof. Genevieve Bell, Director, School of Cybernetics and 3A Institute; Dr. Ian Oppermann, Chief Data Scientist, NSW Government; Jon Whittle, Director, CSIRO’s Data61

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