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The Pearcey Foundation welcomes nominations all year round for any of its awards. We encourage the nominations of anyone who has made a significant contribution to the ICT industry. Simply contact us with the details.

Pearcey State Entrepreneur Awards

The State Entrepreneur Awards recognise an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian ICT Industry in their state.

The Pearcey State Awards are aimed at encouraging and rewarding fresh and innovative talent in the ICT and digital media professions. It is awarded to an individual mid career who has demonstrated innovative and pioneering achievement and contribution in their chosen industry. The winners will be drawn from contributors across all aspects of the ICT industry including (but not limited to) computing science, the internet, communications, social media and networking, interactibve media, games and the like. The idea is to embrace all those younger professionals in the ICT sector and not exclude anyone. The individual should be one who will act as a role model for others to acknowledge and hopefully emulate.


Each State or Territory considers nominations of outstanding individuals within that State or Territory.

Nominations are accepted all year round. Please see our Pearcey State Nomination Form(PDF, 486 KB) for areas to include (further expanded below).


The award is aimed at an outstanding entrepreneur who has “taken a risk”, “made a difference” and “is an inspiration”.

Risk is a measure of the extent to which they have crusaded a new business and/or technology, particularly in their own venture. The nominee has gone out on a limb to achieve things, rather than just doing it as part of their normal job.

Attributes to be considered include:

  • Boldness, initiative and execution of the venture
  • Size (or potential) of business, revenue, offices etc
  • The journey that lead to the success

Difference is related to both the commercial success and the impact in the ICT industry. The nominee has to be more than just successful, their success should also have a measurable impact on our industry.

Attributes to be considered include:

  • The commercial impact of the contribution
  • The breadth and depth of the innovation
  • The industry impact of the contribution or venture

Inspiration is about the type of person they are. The nominee should be a role model, especially for younger ICT aspirers, and be an advocate for the Australian ICT industry.

Attributes to be considered include:

  • Role model and inspiration to younger generation
  • Leadership and profile in the industry
  • Contributions to the wider community


Each State has its own Selection committee. It is usually a panel of five or more and includes a Chairperson. The Committee will review all applications based on the Foundation’s criteria, relevance to the Award; achievement and experience in the ICT or Digital Media industries. The panel will shortlist candidates and may choose to interview them before making their decision. Usually, the winner will be notified prior to the ceremony and it is recommended that the winner personally attends the ceremony to receive the award.

The winner is then automatically a candidate for the national Pearcey National Entrepreneur Award.

Previous winners are listed under each state in our State Awards section.


What is the Selection Committee looking for?

  • Anyone who has “taken a risk” and “made a difference” and “is an inspiration” in the Australian ICT and Digital Media industries.

What does “mid career” mean?

  • The aim is to give recognition during a career, rather than at the end of one. This means that the candidate needs to be well experienced and made a significant contribution, but doesn’t have to be close to retirement.

What does “role model” mean?

  • The intention is to recognise and promote an individual others can admire for the quality of the contribution itself, for the way it was achieved and for the positive impact it has had including market influence and to the community. Such individuals will hopefully act as models for others to emulate.

Is the Award about the person or their achievements?

  • The Pearcey State Award is a personal award by well-respected people in the innovation an entrepreneur community who recognise the candidate’s outstanding contributions to the ICT Industry. These contributions may be new innovation, new knowledge, the clever application of ICT or ways to improve professional practice. Importantly, the contributions should be above and beyond what is expected of a person in their normal job role.

Does R&D mean it must be practical, or can it by purely research oriented?

  • The achievement should be both innovative and practical. If the achievement is research oriented, then it needs to have valuable commercial potential. If the achievement is in the novel application of IT using existing technologies, then there must have significant market opportunity.

Is the Award based on the significance of the technology or innovation?

  • Not necessarily – this is a personal award for the extent of the candidate’s contribution and, in the pioneering spirit, the risks that the candidate has taken along the way.

If my work is not based in State, am I eligible?

  • The candidate’s work should have some significant links to the nominating State. However the candidate need not have originally come from the State.

Can you give me an example of a prize winner?

  • Previous winners are listed under each state in the State Awards section of this website.

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