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The Riding the Digital Wave Summit:
Celebrating the birth of Computer Science in Australia

The Refectory, The University of Sydney (see Map and Directions)
Thursday 24 February 2022; 9:00am – 1:00pm AEDT (followed by lunch)

The Pearcey Foundation invites you to participate in a national landmark event celebrating the 70th anniversary of the first computer conference held in Australia! The Riding the Digital Wave Summit will take us back to the birth of computer science as a discipline and profession in its own right, looking at some of the early developments and where they have led us today. How has digital technology optimised our futures? Delivered Government services? Increased our productivity?

Join us at the Summit as we explore past, present and future themes around human computer interaction; the impact of automation on jobs and industry and how Australia can continue to ride the digital wave to ensure our future resilience.

Tickets: $297
This Summit will be a fully vaccinated space for the safety and comfort of all involved. It is also strongly encouraged to complete a rapid antigen test prior to attending for shared peace of mind.

Speakers include

Genevieve Bell

Prof. Genevieve Bell

Director, School of Cybernetics and 3A Institute

Liz Jakubowski

Liz Jakubowski

Director – Digital, National Skills Commission

Ian Opperman

Dr. Ian Oppermann

Chief Data Scientist, NSW Government

Jon Whittle

Dr. Jon Whittle

Director, CSIRO’s Data61

Sponsors & Supporters

Thank you to the following sponsors and supporters

Host Sponsor

Jon Whittle
Gold Sponsors
ANU School of Computing

Silver Sponsor

CSIRO's Data61
Heritage Project Sponsors
Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia (CORE)
Australian Academy of Technology & Engineering
Engineers Australia
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